Ishizuka's "Brahms’ 1st Violin Sonata in G, op. 78, given a big-boned and richly expressive performance...bringing out the sombre and emotional elements of the central adagio most effectively and meeting all the strong requirements of the closing movements. The D minor Chaconne for solo violin from the 2nd Partita, BWV 1005, is a towering expression of his musical powers and drew forth a performance that held the listeners’ attention totally, matching in “orchestral”

effect that achieved by Busoni's transcription for piano"
-Darlington & Stockholm Times by Dave Robson


"Outstanding chamber musician...Yuka Ishizuka played a Ceruti violin, from which she coaxed a marvellously full and warmly engaging sound, filling the Dome Studio and carrying clearly through the piano’s emphatic chords and swirling arpeggios in a memorable performance."
-The Argus at Brighton Festival 2013

“Before the interval, we [heard] the…irresistible Yuka Ishizuka provided a heartening spectacle…We were almost unprepared for this lyrical outpouring of purest joy -- the little-played Sonata in A Op 12 No 2 -- bursting on our ears like some springtime dawn chorus. Their ensemble was sheer perfection -- not calculated but spontaneously arrived at as if on the wing.”
-Music and Vision magazine.

“…We were handsomely rewarded by the expressive sound, temperament and superlative balance...”
-Beethoven Piano Society of Europe


Article written by International Arts Manager (April, 2012)


"...The first piece was Grieg’s Violin Sonata No. 3and its bold start quickly pulled us in and away from the hustle and bustle of London. I was immediately impressed by both musicians but particularly with how they were working together...Finally, my favourite piece of the recital, Saint Saens’ Caprice d’apres l’etude en forme de Valse. The duet really excelled during this wonderful piece..."
-Breinton Recital Society


"Yuka & Sanaz...gave Blackheath regulars a zestful, exciting roller-coaster; they didn't even take a pause after the Franck sonata before launching into Tzigane! ...a thoroughly invigorating hour ... [of] Yuka Ishizuka a real performer."
-Musical Pointers


“Yuka Ishizuka impressed [us] with her full-toned, bravura approach”
-Manchester Mid-day Concert Society